Aroose Istanbuli Duble Serial

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Based on a true story, in Aroose Istanbuli Turkish drama, Faruk is a rich and successful young man who has a wealthy, powerful family. The story features Faruk’s mother, Esma who has a dominating personality. Much to their dismay, she likes to be in charge of her four sons lives: Faruk, Fikret, Osman, and Murat.

Even though they are close, Faruk and his three brothers couldn’t be more different. Faruk stands up against his mother when he has an opposing view. However, his brother Fikret always tries to please his mother, and will go along with whatever she says. Fikret is also jealous of Faruk because the latter is the family favourite and head of the family business. Then there is Osman who is the silent, introverted one of the family, who has no wish to be included in the family business. The youngest of the bunch is Murat, who is the complete opposite of Osman, as he is loud, ambitious, and carefree.

The four sons live happily with their mother in their big house. However, trouble arises when Esma wishes for Faruk to get married and start having children. Even though Faruk doesn’t even have a love interest at the moment, Esma has already been planning to set him up with someone in particular. This is where Ipek comes in, and in Esma’s eyes she is the “perfect bride.” Ipek is young, mature, has good manners, and is the daughter of a powerful family. She has also been in love with Faruk for quite some time, but has always kept her feelings hidden. Esma thinks that Ipek will be a perfect fit for their family, and for Faruk.

Everything gets turned upside down when Suheyla comes into the picture. Suheyla is the complete opposite of Ipek. She grew up with no parents, and is a care-free woman. Sparks fly when Faruk and Suheyla meet randomly one night. Will their love be able to conquer all, or will Esma try to control this relationship?